House of the Dead Overkill

House of the Dead Overkill soundtrack heads to vinyl

Super fan Julien Helix wrote to the team here at Kuju to tell us about his love of House of the Dead – and to show off the vinyl collection of music from the Sega classic he’s created. A huge thank you, Julien! Here's his letter in full, with more details and pics...

“I am a big French fan of your game The House Of The Dead Overkill. I bought it for the first time in Paris, during a convention dedicated to video games, and it was my very first game on Wii. Since then I have played frequently with friends and we’ve had fun together because your game is very entertaining.

Today, we know everything about this game, and yet it still amuses us. We never get tired of it! (is a sequel still planned?)

I even ended up buying your game four times! First on Wii with the edition ‘Hand Cannon’ released in France, then a US collector's edition. Later, I bought it the ‘Extended Cut’ edition for my PS3 and ‘The Typing Of The Dead’ version for my computer.

I’m sending this as I wish to express my gratitude to you all!

Because as a fan, I often listened to the music of your game (I always have them on my phone!) And I wanted to create something unique to listen to them. So I took the trouble to create an album with four vinyl LPs for my personal collection. It took me a long time, but it's a piece I absolutely wanted. And I really wanted to show you the result in a few pictures.

I hope you like them. I did my best.

For the technical explanations, it's rather simple. I reused your posters to develop the hard cover. I used standard PVC templates (found on the internet) and just added the titles and various notes to the back by Photoshop.

The discs work perfectly and all the music is spread over them. This was the most difficult task of the project because the titles were not all recoverable on the internet. I took the time to find them all. And the prints were finally made on blank discs with a thickness of 2mm.

Finally, there it is. I am very proud of the result! I hope you will be happy with my work too. This beautiful creation is now in my showcase!

Now I'm just waiting for a sequel to this game. I hope it will soon see the light of day!"