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Headstrong Games

Our London-based studio, excels when dealing with high-value IP

With extensive experience across multiple genres, Headstrong Games have been making great games for the industry’s biggest names since 2000.

Headstrong Games is a leading independent videogame development studio based in the heart of London, England.  We develop retail and digital-delivery products across all major home console and mobile platforms, including PS3, XBox 360, Wii, DS, 3DS, Wii-U and PC. Our work is our passion and we pride ourselves on delivering successful, high-quality digital entertainment on schedule. We are currently developing new projects for next-generation hardware with our proprietary engine technology.

Headstrong’s expertise encompasses big-brand family entertainment, interactive learning and core gamer titles for a mature audience. We are the creators of original intellectual properties such as Battalion Wars and the multi-million selling Art Academy series. We also have a proven track record in handling high-value franchises including The Lord of the Rings, The House of the Dead, Top Gun and Raving Rabbids. Our priority is to provide elegant, friction-free interaction, to delight, entertain and above all to offer rich, satisfying gameplay that keeps players coming back for more.