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Art Academy: SketchPad

Art Academy: SketchPad is an art application that anyone can enjoy – from beginners to experts of all ages. Unleash your creativity using realistic stylus and touch screen-based controls. The huge variety of pencils, colored pencils, and pastels behave just like the real thing. When you’re done, you can instantly share your creation by posting directly to Miiverse!

Art Academy: SketchPad brings the popular world of Art Academy to the Wii U for the first time. This iteration of the franchise was born out of the popularity of drawing and sharing images on the Miiverse. Art Academy: SketchPad offers a next-generation simulation of natural drawing media. The application allows people to save 12 projects on the go and has seamless integration to the Miiverse, allowing the instant posting of your doodles and masterpieces. At the time of writing, Art Academy: Sketchpad’s community has 73,000 “Yeahs” across all its posts which is the 3rd largest set of “Yeahs” on the Miiverse. The size of its following for a non-core title on Miiverse is unprecedented. Players have shared not only their art work itself, their comments of encouragement and enthusiasm but have also begun to teach techniques, share knowledge and utiltise the title in ways not originally planned or conceived. Art Academy: SketchPad allows players to grow their artistic skill, spend time creatively and to share wonderful images with the world.

  • Released: August 2013
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: Wii U download software